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Ardent Rose Bath Bomb

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 A beautiful pink bath, gentle bubbles with rose geranium and cedar wood  essential oils, the aroma of a soft English Rose garden.... this is the ways our luminaries describe this handcrafted bath bomb, Ardent Rose


* Rose GeraniumWe selected this essential oil as it is known for its anti-aging properties. To lower anxiety, set the tone for a romantic evening, and pain relief.

* Cedarwood- We selected this essential oil for its anti-inflammatory properties.  Also for it many skin benefits such as reducing scars, alleviating arthritis pain and soothing eczema.

All of our bath bombs are handcrafted with you and the environment in mind. We use all eco-friendly, organic, essential oils and materials, and all of our colors are made with Micas. We are a Palm Free company and strongly believe in only the best for your skin.  

Note: this bath bomb contains 1% of a natural fragrance oil. For external use only.