Handcrafted Soaps

Before we made skincare lotions, essential bath bombs, or eco friendly scrubs, or any new products.... We made our handcrafted soaps.

Our passion from the very beginning of our journey was to create handcrafted soaps that would utilize the healing and rejuvenating powers of select essential oils, be based on the integration of organic fruits and vegetables, and utilize the most eco friendly base products on the market.

Lyle Layne Cosmetics has grown... and our insistence on making amazing handcrafted soaps has grown right along with it.

From the hard working gardener who depends on our Shea Guevara Bar, to the client who relies on our Hypo Allergenic Nude Bar for their sensitive skin, to those who luxuriate in their home spa with the Monterey Bay Bar, we have something for almost everyone.

We are deeply grateful to all the new friends we have made and promise to continue our tradition of only offering handcrafted soaps that are 100% ethically-sourced and contain the highest quality essential oils. 

All Lyle Layne Cosmetics skincare is handmade in the USA, ethically sourced, eco friendly, Phthalate free, Paraben free, Gluten free, and Cruelty free.